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River to Reef Nano Helix Universal Fly Rod 8-10

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Product Information

Redefining Fly Rod Technology Nano-Helix fishing rods and blanks are made of exclusive Nano-helix technolegy.

After 18months of development a Saltwater fly rod that can be used with an 8,9,or 10wt fly line, giving the angler the option to use 1 rod for Estuary/River or Bays/Reef fly fishing, the rod will be just as responsive casting a size 2 or 5/0 hook saving the angler many hundreds of dollars on not having to have 2 rods,etc 
this development has come about with the use of Nano spheres and Helix combination. A-helix technology which is different to normal standard scrim process. Standard scrim process uses fibre glass or carbon scrim to give the blanks a hoop strength, but our a-helix technology uses the carbon spiral to support the hoop strength of the blanks. a single carbon spiral(helical or helix) is at the core of the blank, this type of the structure is regarded the most effective way of maintaining cross section stability during bending, so our carbon helix core will minimize cross sectional deformation during loading improving power and response.

Using NANO materials combined with the helix technology to make the blanks stronger as well as ensuring reduced deformation when they are bent.
Using the spiral carbon core to make the blanks the tip section will not be as straight as the scrim process blanks especially on the fine tips. 
Small things make a big difference Nano carbon technology is being considered the best thing since carbon fly rods began.
Nano carbon technology allows for superbly balanced, lightweight rods with crisp clean actions that provide both superb casting and fish playing characteristics. They are also much stronger thanks to the revolutionary nature of the new Silica Nano material.
How has this improved rods?
The key is the resin used to make the rods. The way rods are made has changed little, the difference is the particles in the resin are much smaller and less prone to compression.
When constructing a carbon fly rod. Sheets of lightweight carbon cloth impregnated with resin are wrapped around a mandrel to form the blank and then baked at high temperature, melting the resin to create a full strength fly rod.
Why is Nano resin different. Because the particles are smaller(tiny round silica particles less than a nanometer—one billionth of a meter—in diameter) they can fit into the small gaps within the carbon weave. Nano resins supersede what was previously used creating a stronger resin distribution system, this helps eliminate any weakness in the blank to create rods with increased strength and improved impact resistance, without adding any significant weight to the blank.
Because  the resulting material is stronger, and less material is required to produce a similar strength, a rod can be lighter than an equivalent carbon fibre model. Weight savings of up to 30% are possible.There are two key advantages provided by silica nano spheres.


1, The even distribution of the nano spheres throughout the resin providing equality of strength throughout the blank leading to crisp and clean rod actions.
2, The silica nano spheres resist compression forces better than any other known material. This results in a fishing rod that is at least 60% stronger than a standard carbon fibre rod without interfering with the action. The improved compression characteristic also greatly improves impact resistance and durability.
How else has technology improved our rods?
The latest construction methods includes a process that precisely aligns and positions carbon fiber materials to exacting tolerances for the greatest blank strength, delivering extremely efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Using  state of the art high Compression Molding process, carbon fibers are compacted for optimum density and precise alignment while simultaneously fusing the 30% percent lighter all-carbon fiber inner core.This new technology is included in all our top end rods.


Fullwells handle and fighting butt with exra long life durable cork-mix 
Natural Finish cosmetics,creating a natural finish blank requires exacting tolerances, more care, and shows off the beauty of graphite. natural finish is all about making your rod lighter, more durable and better performing.


Natural Finish is all about making your rod lighter, more durable,and outstanding performance .
Most other rods on the shelf are run through a belt sander, tearing away the outside power fibers of the blank and introducing variance. Inadvertent flatspotting during the sanding process will weaken a blank, and blanks are designed with a margin of error to accommodate for oversanding. After the blank is sanded, a glossy paint is applied to add shelf appeal.Natural finish blanks aren't subjected to the rip through the sanding belt A natural finish blank is built to exacting tolerances. combined with Nano Helix advanced resin systems permeate the blank, leaving a durable finish that will stand up to years of abuse on those big saltwater critters

 Reel in pictures is our Romeo 2020 not in price see details on reel

Product Code: RIV904RU67

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Brett A. Goodman IFFF Certified Casting Instructor

Review of the River to Reef Nano-helix universal fly rod by Rod & Fly. Made exclusively of Nano-helix technology, the latest rod offered by Rod & Fly is sure to impress the budget conscious fly angler looking for technology normally limited to high-end brands - think rod construction using Konnetic ® and Helios 2 technologies. In technical speak, the construction process of the River to Reef fly rod involves precision alignment of carbon fibers to form a helical structure. Next, an even distribution of tiny (nano) resin particles fill the gaps among the carbon fibers, which lock the fibres in position. The end result is a blank that is 60% stronger and 30% lighter than a standard carbon fiber rod of the same specifications. As the name suggests, the River to Reef Nano-helix is designed for anglers intending to fish large rivers and estuaries, through to open bay and reef environs. How does it cast? As the River to Reef has an 8-10 weight line rating. For testing, I used fly lines ranging from 8 to 10 weight. Initial casts revealed the rod has a fast action, which should make it ideal for most estuary and saltwater applications. When casting an 8 weight line, the rod had plenty of feel and smoothly handled false casting with most of the line out the rod tip. However, the rod also had great tip feel when casting a 10-weight weight forward fly line, which enabled smooth casts at distances of 30 feet and less. Adding more line, the rod continued to feel and load smoothly and had substantial power for throwing greater distances, as is more often the case in salt water situations. Clearly, this rod can cope with throwing heavy saltwater flies accurately and quickly, as is often needed when targeting fast-moving pelagic and flats species. The River to Reef comes in a nine-foot, four-piece. The blank is un-sanded, and has an appealing natural finish in dark grey. Being un-sanded also means the blank has not been subject to any cosmetic interference that could potentially reduce the strength, or affect the action of the rod. The blank is fitted with hard-wearing chrome-plated stripping guides and snake guides, secured using black coloured wraps. Alignment dots allow for precise alignment of the rod pieces during set-up, and the grey powder-coated aluminum reel seat has two locking rings that securely lock any real in position. A full- wells handle and fighting butt made of a durable cork and rubber-mix, complete the ensemble of salt water resistant fittings. The River to Reef rod comes with a cloth bag and a cordura covered rod tube with carry handle. Like all Rod & Fly rod it also comes with a first owner life-time warranty........................... Brett A. Goodman IFFF Certified Casting Instructor

:: Aug 30 2017, 16:11 pm

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