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Realistic Caddis larvae


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Caddis larvae are among the most common insects that trout and many other fish species feed on around the world, they are one of  the most important food sources . 
The caddis larvae can grow large in size and Most fly fishers would agree it is the number 1 fly pattern imitation of a caddis larvae. Fish your imitation close to the bottom as caddis larvae's rarely leave the security of rocks, roots and vegetation on the bottom of creeks, streams, rivers or lakes.

Caddis flies are relatively large aquatic insects that provide hungry trout with an excellent source of nutritional protein. In many streams caddis represent up to 50% of trout food source. Caddis, unlike mayflies and stoneflies, undergo complete metamorphosis, experiencing larva, pupa, and adult stages within a typical life cycle, rather than just a single nymph stage.
During the larval stage, caddis look like tiny, segmented worms. These wormy creatures are classified as either cased caddis larvae or free-living caddis larvae. Cased caddis spend the duration of the larval stage protected by a self-constructed case. Cases are cleverly and resourcefully fashioned of vegetation, gravel, and other tiny bits of debris and held together by a sticky silk secreted by the bug specifically for this purpose.
When the caddis “hatches” it moves rapidly from its position on the bottom and swims to the surface with the help of a little gas bubble. And, unlike the mayfly, who must sit on the surface floating downstream while easy prey to a waiting fish, the caddisfly bursts through the surface and flies away. The caddis is commonly the dominant aquatic insect in many trout streams. You would do well to fish more caddis patterns.

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