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2024/5 Tasmania Trout Fishing Season 20 Best Go-To Flies for Opening Day


Product Information

20 Best Go-To Wet Flies for Opening Day of the 2024/5 Trout Fishing Season in Tasmania

Get ready for an unforgettable opening day of the 2024/5 trout fishing season in Tasmania with our exclusive selection of 25 best go-to flies. This expertly curated collection ensures you have the perfect fly for every fishing scenario. From trusted classics to innovative patterns, these high-quality flies will elevate your fishing experience and maximise your success on the water.

Featured Flies if out of stock  patterns will be substituted


  1. Bead Head MK 11 Wooly Bugger 
    • A proven performer, perfect for imitating baitfish and attracting aggressive strikes.
  2. MK 11 Wooly Bugger 
    • The non-beaded version of this classic fly, ideal for varied fishing conditions.
  3. Black & Green Yeti 
    • A dynamic pattern that entices fish with its striking color combination and lifelike movement.
  4. Cat Fly Streamer 
    • Versatile and effective, the Cat Fly Streamer is a must-have for any angler's fly box.
  5. Bead Head Olive Orange Wooly Bugger 
    • With its vibrant colours and enticing profile, this fly is perfect for attracting attention in murky waters.
  6. Olive Wooly Bugger 
    • A reliable choice for mimicking a variety of aquatic creatures, from leeches to small fish.
  7. Black Slones Fur Fly 
    • This fly's natural fur and lifelike movement make it irresistible to trout.
  8. Olive Slones Fur Fly The olive variant offers a subtle yet effective approach to tempting wary fish.
  9. The Gold Sparkler
    • a popular fishing fly pattern used primarily for freshwater trout fishing. It's known for its effectiveness in imitating various aquatic insects and baitfish. 
  10. Mrs Simpson 
    • A classic Tasmanian pattern known for its effectiveness in targeting large trout.
  11. Lords Killer 
    • A trusted favourite for its proven track record in enticing big strikes.
  12. Olive Zonker 
    • The realistic movement and profile of this fly make it a deadly choice for predatory trout.
  13. Parsons Glory 
    • Bright and flashy, this fly is designed to attract attention and provoke strikes.
  14. Hamills Killer Light 
    • A lighter version of the classic, perfect for clear water and cautious fish.
  15. Hamills Killer Dark
    • The darker counterpart, ideal for overcast days or deeper waters.
  16. Bead Head Peacock Snail Fly 
    • This bead head pattern is irresistible to trout, mimicking snails and other aquatic insects.
  17. Assorted Glo Bugs/Hot Glue Eggs 
    • Essential for mimicking fish eggs, these are perfect for targeting spawning trout.
  18. 007 Nymph 
    • Sleek and effective, this nymph pattern is a secret weapon for any angler.
  19. Bead Head GRHE Nymph 
    • The Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear is a versatile and productive nymph for any situation.
  20. Bead Head Flash Back Pheasant Tail Nymph 
    • With its flashback design, this nymph catches light and trout's attention.
  21. Frog Fly 
    • Mimicking frogs and other small amphibians, this fly is perfect for enticing big trout.

Equip yourself with this premium selection and experience the thrill of a successful opening day. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, these flies will enhance your fishing adventures in Tasmania. Enjoy the perfect combination of tradition and innovation with our 25 best go-to flies for 2024/5 Trout Fishing Season in Tasmania

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