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The Purple Squirrel Tungsten Jig Nymph


Product Information

The Purple Squirrel Jig Nymph is a distinctive and effective fly fishing lure designed to imitate aquatic insects, with a unique twist that adds a touch of attractor quality to its natural imitation. Here are the key details about this fly:

### Design and Materials

1. **Hook:**
   - **Jig Hook:** The fly is tied on a jig hook, which helps it ride hook-point up. This design minimizes snagging on the bottom and ensures better hook sets.

2. **Bead:**
   - **Tungsten Bead:** A tungsten bead is used at the head of the fly to provide significant weight. This helps the fly sink quickly to the desired depth, which is crucial for nymphing techniques.

3. **Body:**
   - **Squirrel Dubbing:** The body of the fly is crafted using squirrel dubbing. Squirrel fur has excellent natural movement in the water and a slightly spiky texture that mimics the appearance of a nymph’s body.
   - **Purple Color:** The dubbing is often dyed purple. The color purple serves as an attractor element, making the fly stand out in the water and catching the attention of fish.

4. **Ribbing:**
   - **Flash or Wire Ribbing:** The body is ribbed with a fine wire or flashy material to add durability and a touch of sparkle, simulating the segmented body of a natural insect.

5. **Tail:**
   - **Natural Fibers:** The tail is typically made from natural fibers such as pheasant tail or Coq de Leon, which adds to the lifelike appearance of the fly.

6. **Thorax:**
   - **Dubbing or Peacock Herl:** The thorax is built up with dubbing or peacock herl, creating a fuller profile that mimics the natural thorax of a nymph.

7. **Legs:**
   - **Optional Rubber Legs:** Some variations include rubber legs to add additional movement and increase the fly’s attractiveness.

### Key Features

1. **Attractor Pattern:**
   - The purple color serves as an attractor, making the fly highly visible and intriguing to fish. This can be particularly effective in stained or murky water conditions.

2. **Weight:**
   - The tungsten bead ensures the fly sinks quickly, which is crucial for reaching fish in deeper or faster-moving waters.

3. **Natural and Flashy:**
   - The combination of natural squirrel dubbing and flash or wire ribbing strikes a balance between natural imitation and eye-catching attraction.

4. **Durability:**
   - The materials used in the construction of this fly are durable, ensuring it can withstand multiple catches.

### Fishing Techniques

1. **Euro Nymphing:**
   - The Purple Squirrel Jig Nymph excels in European nymphing techniques. The heavy tungsten bead helps maintain contact with the fly, even in fast currents.

2. **Indicator Nymphing:**
   - It can be fished under a strike indicator, allowing the angler to suspend the fly at a specific depth and detect subtle strikes.

3. **Drift Fishing:**
   - Allow the fly to drift naturally with the current. The purple color and flashy ribbing help attract fish even in less-than-ideal visibility conditions.

4. **Stillwater Fishing:**
   - In still waters, use a slow retrieve with occasional pauses to mimic the natural movement of nymphs. The attractor color can be particularly effective in these conditions.

### Effectiveness

1. **Versatility:**
   - This fly is effective in a wide range of water conditions and can be used in various nymphing techniques.

2. **Attractiveness:**
   - The purple color and flash elements make this fly particularly attractive to fish, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

3. **Natural Movement:**
   - The squirrel dubbing provides excellent natural movement in the water, mimicking the subtle motions of an aquatic insect.

### Conclusion

The Purple Squirrel Jig Nymph is a versatile and highly effective fly that combines natural materials with attractor elements. Its lifelike appearance, enhanced by the movement of squirrel dubbing and the added flash of ribbing, along with the weight of a tungsten bead, make it an excellent choice for targeting trout and other freshwater fish. Whether you're using euro nymphing techniques, indicator nymphing, or fishing in still waters, the Purple Squirrel Jig Nymph is a reliable and attractive option for a variety of fishing conditions.

Product Code: THET6KEJ8

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