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Olive/Black sink tip fly lines designed for Australia and New Zealand conditions


Product Information

Developed by Tasmanian Fly Fishing Guide Mike Tenner, these meticulously designed fly lines are engineered to elevate the performance of discerning fly anglers. The precision-engineered construction of this fly line, featuring a balanced loading system, empowers you to cast with greater distance and precision.

In the unique ecosystem of Australian native fish, characterized by their affinity for structured environments such as weed beds, sunken logs, rock bars, undercut banks, holes, and drop-offs, these lines prove indispensable. These elusive species exhibit similar behavioral patterns and possess a tendency to become easily spooked. Our revolutionary camo-patterned fly line is tailor-made for the demanding conditions of Australia and New Zealand, delivering exceptional loop stability for long-distance casts and impeccable weight distribution for close-range precision.Our versatile fly line caters to a broad spectrum of angling scenarios, whether you're casting delicate freshwater flies in sizes as diminutive as #22 or tackling saltwater giants with large flies. With its distinctive  Olive Green coloration and a convenient 15 ft front black 15ft sink tip 6ips and welded loop on the front end for expedited rigging, this line is the epitome of functionality.

Streamers and Wet Flies: Sink-tip lines are especially effective when fishing with streamers or wet flies. These patterns often imitate baitfish or other aquatic organisms that are found in deeper parts of the water, and a sink-tip line helps get the fly down to where the fish are.

Cold Water Fishing: In colder water, fish are often found at lower depths. A sink-tip line allows anglers to reach these deeper zones more effectively, increasing the chances of enticing fish in colder conditions

Current Control: Sink-tip lines are beneficial when fishing in rivers with varying current speeds. The sinking portion of the line helps to keep the fly down in the desired feeding zone, preventing it from being swept away by the current.
Mimicking Natural Behavior: Some prey species, such as nymphs or small fish, naturally move and feed at lower depths. A sink-tip line allows anglers to imitate this natural behavior, making the fly look more realistic to the fish.

Different Retrieval Styles: Sink-tip lines can be used with various retrieval styles, including slow retrieves, fast strips, or erratic movements. This flexibility in retrieving the fly can trigger different predatory responses from the fish.

Casting Distance: In situations where a longer cast is required, a sink-tip line can help get the fly to the desired depth without needing an excessively heavy fly. This can be advantageous when fishing in larger bodies of water or when targeting fish holding in distant locations.

Temperature Stratification: In lakes and reservoirs, different temperature layers exist at various depths. Fish may prefer specific temperature zones. Using a sink-tip line allows anglers to target these preferred temperature layers more effectively.

Adjusting to Changing Conditions: Water conditions can change throughout the day due to factors such as sunlight, wind, and temperature. Having a sink-tip line provides the angler with the ability to adapt quickly to these changing conditions and maintain an effective presentation.

Avoiding Floating Debris: In areas with floating debris or surface vegetation, a sink-tip line can help keep the fly below the surface and reduce the chances of snagging or fouling on floating obstacles.

Fishing Structure: When fishing around underwater structure such as submerged rocks, logs, or weed beds, a sink-tip line can help the angler place the fly close to the structure where fish are likely to be hiding.

Night Fishing: Many species of fish are more active during the night, and using a sink-tip line can be beneficial for presenting flies at the appropriate depth without the interference of surface glare or visibility.

Other Key Features:

- Preferred colour for Australian and New Zealand applications

- Memory-free braided cores

- Custom-designed tapers for extreme performance

- Durable, slick coatings

- Floatation Technologies to keep the line tip and running line buoyant

- 15 ft front sink tip 6ips

Product Code: OLICVAQM44

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