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monoMASTER™2020 edition


Product Information


With the 2020 edition of the Monomaster we have made a few changes.
The main change is in the packaging. The old plastic blister was so out of line with the idea of the product we decided it had to go. The new cardboard box is 100% recyclable, and much smaller and lighter, thus reducing our carbon footprint as well. A win-win for the planet.

.The Monomaster is a nifty little eco-friendly gadget designed to store waste nylon monofilament and other fishing line. It stores pieces of used line out of harm’s way and thus keeps both the environment and your vest pockets and tackle boxes clean and tidy. No more nasty surprises in your washing machine, either!

Waste nylon takes forever to break down and is a deadly trap for many animals. Especially birds and small mammals are vulnerable, as they tend to use it as nesting material. That is why it is essential to keep waste nylon out of the environment and discard in a responsible manner: at home in the bin! Monomaster should be used by every fisherman and -woman on the planet. Leading USA magazine ’Field and Stream’ has awarded the Monomaster the ‘Best of the Best’ gold award in the category ‘fishing gadgets’. ‘Fish Alaska’ magazine awarded the Monomaster a silver medal in the category ‘other good stuff’.






"It's always a little disconcerting to see monofilament nests on the stream while fishing. Monomaster is a nifty device and, coupled with responsible anglers, will help keep plastic off the water and in the trash!"
- James Prosek (artist and author)


"Anything that reduces pollution is essential in our time, but a device that does it with such ease and enjoyment is a downright miracle. MonoMASTER isa 'must-have" for every serious angler".
- Richard Friedenberg (screenwriter, "A River Runs Through It")



"MonoMASTER makes it easy to wade a little lighter on our rivers, and remove those gnarly tangles of fishing line that will otherwise remain as mini wildlife death traps for decades."
- Nat Gillespie (Fisheries Scientist, Trout Unlimited)




"Those of us in the Federation of Fly Fishers who have had the opportunity to examine the monoMaster agree that it's a "must" for every fly fisher person's vest."
- Ron Cordes, PhD. (Chairman of the Board of Directors, FFF)



"Used the monoMaster for the first time recently on the West Branch of the Delaware River. It functioned perfectly, and I felt good knowing my waste mono would not accidentally end up in the river."
- Gene Wilson (Member Theodore Gordon Fly Fishers; Group Executive, Regions Business Capital)



"The monoMASTER is truly a great product, a must have for every angler"
- Tim Miller Editor, This Is Fly



"The monoMASTER is small, lightweight, handy and excellent for dealing with mono filament waste. If you’re anything like me, you probably just roll up [waste mono] and stick it in one of your pockets then forget about it until later. By that time it’s half hanging out of your vest, unraveling in the back of your vehicle or even getting tangled up in your equipment. I was a little weary about this tool when I first heard about it as my major concern was the small tag ends clipped off after tying on my fly but even these tiny pieces of mono stay secure. This easy to use tool is a must have for any environ-conscience angler."
- Mike (Doc) Monteith, Owner/Guide Edmonton Stillwater adventures



"Every time I fish I see the effects of other anglers on the environment. The amount of mono and flurocarbon that is just thrown on to the floor at fisheries around the UK is nothing short of a disgrace. The MonoMASTER is an accessory that no angler should be without. All fisheries and shops should consider selling these and should encourage as many anglers as possible to buy them. In fact I would go as far to say that the Environment Agency should send them out to all licence holders. When used they will make a huge difference to the environment in which we fish, and the state in which we leave it when finished."
- Chris Cook, The Complete Fisher



"Up until a few days ago, I always carried a zip loc baggie to put my waste mono in or was stuffing it into a shirt pocket. Doesn't sound like a pain, but it always tried to escape the baggie or pocket at the most in opportune times. Not anymore. The monoMASTER is a tool you should have to help manage waste monofilament. I wouldn't consider myself a gear head at all. I'm hardly ever drawn to the latest and greatest rods, reels, lines or gadgets that the fly fishing producers come out with all of the time. I usually wait for new products to be on the market for a while and get some feedback from fellow anglers before I'll even try them. This thing though, is a must have."
- Ron Snow, Rock Creek Cattle Company Fly Shop



"The MonoMASTER is a new fishing accessory that makes storing waste monofilament easier while fishing. It is so easy to get rid even small pieces, you won't have the urge to drop it in the water or shoreline. It is no longer necessary to roll up a ball of line or leader material and stuff it in your pocket where it will become tangled and likely to end out of your pocket when you later put your hand in that pocket in search of something else. This is a must have fishing accessory for all fisherman. Getting rid of waste fishing line could'nt be easier. Help keep our favorite fishing spots free of those tangled messes of monofilament. It is not expensive and totally re-usable."
- Capt. Skip Montello, American Angling Gear Guide



"It doesn't have a very sexy name, but it might bring a little pleasure to doing good things for the environment. Most of us stuff used mono into a pocket of our vest or drop clippings into a boat or cooler for later retrieval; sometimes we remember to dispose of them, sometimes we forget about them. The MonoMASTER offers a way to make a habit of proper disposal. The product retails for less than the costs of a couple of good leaders and has been endorsed by the Federation of Fly Fishers." - Marshall Cutchin, MidCurrent



"This is one of the coolest products we have seen come along in a while. The monoMaster is an innovative new fishing tool that is small, lightweight and collects all the waste line that you generate when changing flies or rigs. Hang from a fishing vest, in your pocket or tackle box. Whether you generate an inch or a few yards of waste, monoMaster provides an easy and environmentally sound solution. No more tangles in your waders, vest pockets, tackle boxes and no more piles of monofilament on the side of the stream. Blue Quill Angler and FFF approved!!"
- Steve Parrott, Manager, Blue Quill Anger



"Storing waste leader and tippet material while in the field. That's a problem I've been trying to resolve satisfactorily for years. Modified film canisters and boxes with draft excluder openings are a couple of solutions, but I've found amongst others they range from poor to almost useless. In fact, until recently I've made do stuffing waste mono into a pocket. Worse still, to avoid accidentally pulling out and loosing the tangled waste, the pocket used has been for that soul purpose. In many ways it's been a wasted pocket. And so it's been, until now... Enter the MonoMASTER! The solution I'd been after. The MonoMASTER is a simple device both in design and use - strong, compact and light. Get one, you won't regret it!"
- Raif Killips, Editor, Fly Fishers' Republic



"I have been using the Monomaster for about 1 1/2 years. I sold over 100 of them while working at Orvis San Jose. I just cleaned it out for the third time in 2009. Who ever came up with this device should be given an Environmental award.!"
- Rich Lob, Founding President, Tracy Fly Fishers



Product Code: MONM65

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