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Landing Nets


A landing net is a must-have whether you aim to get the fish in your boat or a catch and release on land.

Without a fly fishing net, for example, grabbing your catch by hand increases the chances of disaster striking — at the last moment, the fish may thrash, throw the hook or snap the tippet. But with a net, once you’ve got the fish reeled in, you can seal the deal with a quick scoop.

Why you need a landing net

How often have you worked on a catch and used the best flies only to lose the fish at your feet?

With a landing net, you can avoid this disappointment. Today, there is a wide variety of fly fishing nets in Australia and other types of landing nets available in the market ranging in size, material, handle length and more.

At Trout Flies, we stock both aluminium and wooden fishing landing nets. Made from high-quality burlwood, our wooden fly fishing nets are specifically designed to keep hold of even the smallest fly-caught fish, without inflicting scale damage.

Traditional wooden nets are not only some of the best-quality landing nets out there, but also make for superb home decorations for fishing enthusiasts.

Featuring a flat bottom, our aluminium landing nets are excellent for catch-and-release fishing. Our nets, including trout fishing nets, are made from modern knot-less rubber coated material to ensure hooks and fish can’t get caught or damaged in the process. Whatever your choice, clip your new fishing net to your belt with one of our easy-to-draw and fumble-free net holsters.

Choosing the right landing net for you

As with most fishing gear, you need to consider certain factors when choosing a landing net. These include:

  • Fish species

You must first determine the species you fish for most frequently before choosing a net. The species is a crucial consideration that determines the hoop size of your landing net. A crappie fisherman won’t be using a large pike net. Meanwhile, an angler trying to catch a pike with a trout fishing net would look ridiculous. 

To prevent little fish from slipping through a net, the right net would have a small hoop size and consist of mesh net material. Conversely, landing nets designed for catching big fish have wide hoops and are made from sturdy net material, so they can withstand the force from the thrashing and weight of the fish.

  • Handle length

A net with a long handle, or one that’s extendable, is an excellent option if you fish from a boat, dock or jetty. It’s also useful if you like to net your fish in the shortest time possible. A net with a shorter handle can do for shore fishermen, fly fishermen or anglers who prefer to net the fish right at the boat.

  • Material

If you’re concerned about the condition of the fish you catch, you’ll also need to take into account the material when picking a net. To ensure the health and freshness of the fish, some companies have begun using rubber material in their nets rather than nylon mesh. The rubber mesh is less harsh on the fish and doesn’t remove the protective layer of slime that coats them. Other materials used in making landing nets include carbon fibre and aluminium.

  • Storage

It’s essential to have ample storage space for your landing nets, especially if you use large ones. This way, you can preserve them better and extend their lifespan.

Shop our range of fishing nets online

From fly fishing nets to rods, reels, clothing and more, you’re guaranteed to find what you need at Trout Flies, Australia’s leading online store for fly fishing gear. With Australia-wide shipping, welcome your new favourite fishing equipment wherever you are!

For more information about our range of landing nets, including fly fishing nets in Australia and fly tying products, or our other high-quality products, please contact our team online.

How do you use a landing net?

In fly fishing, landing nets are plunged into the water to land fish. Firstly, place the net in the water so the front of the net is submerged and the back of the hoop is level with the water. Once the fish is on the rod, bring it to the net head first and reduce the pressure on the line before lifting the net.

Why do you need a net for fly fishing?

A fly fishing net will come in handy if you’re fishing in a larger body of water, and there’s a big chance of catching fish that you can’t keep with your bare hands as it flops about. When catching or releasing fish back into the water, nets keep the fish in place and minimise injuries. Using a net is especially important for little trouts, as it will eliminate excessive handling and prevent the tiny trouts from hitting rocky banks.

Can you use any net for trout?

Technically, yes, since trout can fit into most landing nets.

How deep should a trout fishing net be?

Trout fishing nets with a net bag no deeper than 38 centimetres or 15 inches work well for river wading.

A trout net doesn’t have to be so deep. Deep trout fishing nets can have the fish twisting in the extra mesh, leading to ugly net tangles. This makes it harder to release the fish and can even kill them.

Where should I put my net when fly fishing?

The most effective way to transport a fly fishing net is to attach it to a magnetic net release (aka a magnetic net retractor) on the back of your fishing vest or sling pack. Carrying your net keeps it out of the way while you cast and makes it easy to access when you need to net a fish.

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