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The Beginner's Guide To Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has seen an explosion in popularity over recent years, with celebrity adherents like Zac Efron, Harrison Ford and Emma Watson all spruiking their enjoyment of it publicly. It’s clearly an activity with a lot to offer, given its apparent simplicity and the overall relaxing atmosphere it creates.

But for the uninitiated, just what is fly fishing? You’re probably familiar with other varieties of fishing, and may have even done a bit yourself in the past. But the main distinction between fly fishing and “regular” (i.e. spin or bait) fishing is to do with the line itself. Fly fishing uses a much heavier line which allows it to be hurled long distances, whereas in spin or bait finishing, there’s a reliance on a sinker to keep the line beneath the water. Additionally, fly fishing tends to be done in rivers and from lake shore line or at the edge of the water and with some from a boat.

Fly fishing is particularly great for catching large fish like trout, that you might not necessarily be able to get hold of with a “regular” rod. Fly fishing has bred a fandom of enthusiasts who aren’t necessarily interested in catching fish at all. Instead, it’s an opportunity for many to spend time out in nature and experience it in a fashion that they may not have previously.

So if you’ve been feeling the call of the water, we’ve put together this guide to fly fishing for beginners.

1. Learn from a pro

One of the advantages of fly fishing is that it takes minutes to learn — but it also takes a lifetime to master. So if you’re trying fly fishing for the first time, one of the best things you can do is book a tour with a guide. Though there are great tutorials online — particularly on places like YouTube — nothing really prepares you for casting and catching like doing it for real.

With an experienced hand by your side, you’ll be able to learn the basics and different fly fishing techniques, rather than having to try and figure it all out for yourself. They’ll also be able to show you where to fly fish — not all spots are created equal.

2. Get the right gear

Once you’ve decided you enjoy the sport, it’s time to invest in the right gear. Here’s a beginner fly fishing gear checklist that you’ll find handy.

  • A rod — A nine-foot, five-weight is a great entry-level option.
  • A fly reel — You won’t be able to cast much without one!
  • A net with rubber mesh — This is better for the fish if you’re in a catch and release area, and also quite durable.
  • Waders — You’ll get wet at some point, so best to be prepared.
  • Flies — Having a few different varieties handy will increase your chances of catching something.
  • A fishing vest — To keep all your tools and supplies handy
  • Clippers — To cut the line when necessary
  • Forceps — For removing hooks from fish’s mouths
  • A hat — Avoid getting sunburnt
  • Polarised sunglasses — You’ll increase your chances of spotting fish and also avoid glare from the water

3. Create your own fly

Fly fishing doesn’t use live bait. Rather, it gets its name from the distinctive “fly” — a crafted lure which sits just above the water in an attempt to get the fish to see it as one of their favourite snacks. As you might imagine, there are near infinite variations available, and many fly fishers pride themselves on making their own. So why not give it a try yourself?

Discover more about fly fishing with

Recorded history is a bit ambiguous on exactly who invented fly fishing — but what we do know is that there are more Australians than ever now looking to learn how to fly fish! Here at, we’ve got everything you need if you want to know how to start fly fishing — or even if you’re already an experienced hand. We’ve got the best fly fishing line, lines and the best fly fishing lures in stock, along with everything else you’ll need to get kitted out. We can even teach you a few fly fishing methods, if you’d like!

So why not get in touch with us today — we’re looking forward to hearing from you soon, and hearing about your latest catch.



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