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Evo Matt Black Glass Photo Copper SliceLens


Product Information

THIS is SliceLens 

More than just sunglasses

A brand with the backing of years of research and development Never before has there been a polarised glass lens like The SliceLens from Tonic are the most technically advanced, lightest, thinnest glass lenses we have ever produced.

Featuring the latest Japanese glass lens technology, the SliceLens provides totally distortion-free vision with precise depth and distance as well as unparalleled clarity.

The ultimate in design and quality, the Evo range will suit any face with its curved and contoured frame. 
These sturdy yet light-weight frames will cut through glare and increase clarity to ensure that you never miss a moment in the great outdoors.

By creating a lens that incorporates four colours, and coating the inside of the lens with an anti-reflective film, the wearer will enjoy true eye protection without losing any colour perception. A decentered lens allows the wearer to see straight ahead, up and down and also peripherally, without experiencing any optical distortion.

Every pair of sunglasses comes attractively packaged and is backed by a 12 month new for old warranty.

It is perfectly suited to withstand the harshest of climates making it the perfect choice for lovers of the great outdoors. 
These frames are lightweight and highly flexible making them comfortable for all day wear.
Tensile TR-90 frames are "IMPACT RESISTANT", in accordance with European and Australian Safety Standards.
Other Features include:
·         Incredibly tough
·         Remarkably flexible
·         Stress crack resistant
·         Maximum impact strength, making them shatterproof
·         High resistance to UV damage
·         Exceptionally resistant to chemicals
·         High heat tolerance
Tonic Eyewear’s’ Photochromic Copper Glass Lens
The photochromic copper lens is a high contrast copper bronze.  
This lens is photochromic so it darkens or lightens depending on ambient light conditions.  
This lens has been developed to give the highest quality optics in fresh water and salt water conditions. 
The Photo Copper can be comfortable worn all day in all light conditions.
Our Photochromic Copper and Blue Mirror lenses also feature:
MultiCut Full Spectrum Filter: Our four colour integrated polarising filter system in the back of the lens:  
we have green which retains colour, yellow which gives high contrast when ambient light is low, brown and copper mix to give high definition.
All of Tonics styles feature:
Polarisation:  With Tonic Eyewear’s lenses anglers have polarisation and our custom made light filtration system that delivers unsurpassed clarity and colour enhancement.
Crystalite Glass: Tonic is the only fishing sunglass in using Crystalite Glass: the clearest glass lens currently available.
UltraOptic 1.8mm Lens:  At only 1.8mm thick Tonic is comparably lighter than any other lens on the market, where most are 2.6mm thick.  So Tonic sunglasses can be worn all day and don’t feel heavy.
VistaView Decentration:  Tonic makes each lens decentered which is important for viewing true depth and true distance.  
Decentering eliminates prism or the feeling that you are losing footing when you are walking through streams and over rocks. 
Anti-Reflective Coating:  Tonic has an anti -reflective coating applied to the back surface of the lens to reduce reflective glare or “bounce back” to the pupil. 
 This is extremely important when sight fishing.
About Tonic Eyewear
Since it was launched into the fishing and boating market by founder Doug Phillips, Tonic has amazed its customers with the wonders of 21st century optics.  
Tonic’s unique VistaView lenses represent the culmination of Doug Phillips’ 27-year quest to constantly push the boundaries of optical technology.  
In 1992, after six years learning the optics of high-end safety glasses, he applied the very best technology then available to introduce what became Australia’s favourite polarised fishing sunglasses.  
Fast forward 17 years and Doug was convinced he could take sunglasses to a whole new level with 21st century optical technology from Japan – and Tonic was born.  
To create Tonic, he adopted Japan’s two big optical breakthroughs of the past decade, unprecedented wrap-around clarity and exceptionally lightweight glass lenses


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Testimonials from some of the most enthusiastic and professional fishing enthusiasts...

Dylan Mott"My passion, My Job and my life consists of tournament Bass fishing. Making number 1 ranking involves using the best of the best and as far as I'm concerned there are no better sunglasses on the market then Tonic, they are the best of the best."

Dylan Mott

Steve Cooper"For more than 20 years I have been donning sunglasses designed by Doug Phillips, and see no reason to change. When it comes to sunglasses I don't care about brand: I want quality. Sunglasses are a tool of my trade. I use them to spot fish, drive long hours, protect my eyes from UV light, stray flies and lures. For that reason I don't scrimp on quality. There is more to a pair of sunglasses than a label and a stamp that says "polarized." The man behind the glasses is the key to quality, and Tonic sunglasses are great for what I do. I see no reason to change. And for the record, I volunteered this testimonial; I am not on the payroll. I did so because I believe in Doug and his Tonic glasses. People who know me will know how much that means."

Steve Cooper

Shannon Orr"I don't just sell Tonic Glasses but use them everyday, for driving, for riding my mountain bike and of course I feel there is nothing better than Tonics for my fishing."

Shannon Orr

Brett Wolf"Bonefish are known as the ghosts of the flats because they are very difficult to see. Our Aussie bonefish are big, but they are still difficult to see, so I rely on the best polarized sunglasses available. Aussie designed Tonic Eyewear are amongst the best available for serious flats and bluewater fishing. I have no hesitation in recommending Tonic sunnies to maximise your fishing opportunities!"

Brett Wolf

Alex Julius"For me, polarised sunglasses are all about two things: firstly, to maximising my ability to see through the water, either to spot fish or to identify obstacles that could become a hazard to boating; and, secondly, to reflect the strong glare of the tropics whilst not impeding the quality of vision. I have been wearing Tonic Polarised Sunglasses for more than 12 months now and I can only speak highly of them. The clarity of vision is outstanding and they certainly do the job for me when I go fishing."

Alex Julius

Cameron McGregor"I have spent my life time on the water for both work and pleasure and in that time have used many brands of polaroid sunglasses. I rely quite heavily on quality glass for sight fishing and also extending my time on the water. From my initial wearing of them I noticed how light, clear and sharp they are. More than once I have noticed how late in the day I continue to have them on, tonic’s are definitely the best glass I have worn."

Cameron McGregor

Chris Burbidge"I’ve been wearing my Tonics for around 8 months now. They are the most comfortable fitting & clear sunglasses that I have ever worn which is what you need when you’re spending long hours on the water. The detail & clarity they have is just fantastic. Being able to see fish or structure has become so much easier since I’ve been wearing them."

Chris Burbidge

Angus Gorrie"My pair of Tonic glasses assisted greatly in the capture of this Threadfin Salmon from the Northern Territory. As we were on specialised site fishing trip, the recipe for the day was eye straining exploration into the shallows in search of barra and threadfin salmon. With my Tonics this was quite simply a pleasure as the contrast allowed for the easy spotting of actual fish and the UV protection meant that after 48 hours of nearly straight fishing my eyes were not fried! Could not be happier with my pair and will be getting more!"

Angus Gorrie

Ken Orr"After two months of testing by myself and the team our belief was that they were optically clearer than anything we were currently using and worked over a wider spectrum of light conditions. As an additional bonus, they were the best driving glasses we ever used. We are of the opinion that Tonic Eyewear have taken polaroid glasses a major step forward, and we have committed to using them for the foreseable future."

Ken Orr - Professional Fly Fishing Guide

Andrew Schrodter"I've used tonics for the past month and I can honestly say that these lenses are with out a doubt the clearest I've ever used. I spend many hours a week fishing and filming and it's a true pleasure to add another tool to my arsenal and perhaps the most important tool of all - unmatched clear vision all the time, Tonics are the next level."

Andrew Schrodter

Adam Royta"I need to see clearly - it’s totally imperative to what I do on the water. Tonic lenses are the clearest I’ve ever worn and there colour reproduction and separation is second to none."

Adam Royta

Corey Skennerton"I have worn many different types of polarised sunglasses over the years and have never found anything to be as comfortable or as light as Tonic sunglasses. But by far the best feature is the super clear vision you have when you put them on. I do quite a lot of sight fishing and I truly believe that the ‘Tonic’ sunglasses will greatly improve my fishing! I wont leave the boat ramp without my Tonic’s."

Corey Skennerton

Scott Mitchell"I have been a self professed sunglass junkie for as long as I can remember & have worn most of the big name brands during my 40 plus years of fishing. My favourite fishing styles all involve being able to see the fish 1st which makes my sunglasses one of my most critical items. My new Tonics are the sharpest, clearest & most comfortable Polaroid glasses I have ever worn. I could waffle on about how these new ultra light “decentred” glass lenses feature state of the art technologies and come in comfortable stylish high quality frames. But all you really need to do is put a pair on... You’ll see what I mean."

Scott (Scotto) Mitchell

Dusky Chaser"I love my big flattys as you can see thats why I use Tonic eyewear, I'm not one to quote inspirational words but I guess what stands out to me is with this lens ,the colour contrast and that they make all other sunnies I've worn seem washed out...Tonic...I love em."

Dusky Chaser

Dave Bradley"My job and my passion are sightfishing in shallow water for a wide range of fish species in a wide range of locations, my glasses are one of my most important tools. That's why I'm wearing Tonic."

Dave Bradley



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