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15 Nymph-Head™Tungsten Fly Tying Beads Copper

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Product Information

Product Information

The Nymph-Head™ range of tungsten fly tying beads are the most advanced, realistic and heaviest fly tying

beads on the market today.

Nymph-Head™ Beads represent the next generation of fly tying beads patented design has improved the

common, round bead by adding a pair of realistic 3D “Nymph Eyes” as a key feature of our Tungsten,

















countersunk fly-tying beads. This simple enhancement adds realism and unprecedented detail to the bead while

retaining the proven bead benefits of shape, "flash" and weight to bead-head fly patterns.

Key Features and Competitive Advantages:

Realistic 3D "Nymph Eyes"

7 "Traditional" and "Natural" Fly colors.

5 bead sizes catering for Hook sizes from #4 to #18.

Superior, eye-catching, full-color Retail Packaging

12% more tungsten delivers superior sink rates

Nymph-Head™ Beads make flies look more Realistic!

The “Nymph Eyes” mimic those of the natural insect enabling the fly tier to create more effective and realistic

imitations of aquatic fish food! Remember that from a fish’s perspective… "Eyes tell me that something is

alive...and Life means a Protein source!"

Nymph-Head™ Colors can make an ordinary fly pattern Extraordinary!

An exciting new technical development now allows us to offer Nymph-Head™ Beads in 7 colors giving the fly

fisherman the widest choice of color options on the market today.













Our Traditional colors range offers beads in industry standard Gold, Copper and Silver colors.

Our new Natural colors range offers beads in "Caddis Green", "Mayfly Brown", "Baetis Green-Olive"

and "Stonefly Black-Nickel" colors.

These 7 colors (combined with the otion to color the realistic “Nymph Eyes") offer the fly tier an almost limitless

number of possible color combinations in that never ending quest for more effective, realistic flies.

Please Note: The new Natural colors are not "painted" or "enamel-baked" beads that often chip, but are a

permanent, high-quality coated finish created using a new anodizing process.













Nymph-Head™ available in 5 different sizes covering hook sizes from #4 through to #18.

• 3/32" (2.4mm) for Hook Sizes #16 to #18

• 7/64" (2.8mm) for Hook Sizes #14 to #16

• 1/8" (3.2mm) for Hook Sizes #12 to #14

• 5/32" (4.0mm) for Hook Sizes #8 to #10

• 3/16" (4.8mm) for Hook Sizes #4 to #6

Nymph-Head™ Beads dive deeper!

The “Nymph-Eyes” on the bead mean that we have to use 12% more Tungsten than normal round beads

making them size-for-size the heaviest bead on the market!

Tungsten has twice the sink rate of basic brass or zinc-alloy beads, getting your nymph down very quickly into

the “feeding zone” and increasing your chances of a hookup by as much as 50% every cast!

Environmentally friendlier than Lead, Tungsten supports the trend of angling communities to move away from

the use of Lead-based alloys. In addition, using tungsten beads reduces your fly tying time since the need to

add additional weight to your flies is often eliminated.




 Nymph-Head™ Beads - NATURAL Colours (Small Sizes)













As an option, eye color can be quickly and easily added to the Nymph-Head™ in seconds by using a fine-tip paint marker or a permanent, waterproof marker to suit the desired nymph pattern. This offers the fly tier an endless range of color combinations and fly variations. DecoColor™ Extra-Fine Tip Paint Markers are permanent, water-resistant paint markers with an extra-fine tip that allows easy application of color to the smallest of flies! Their oil-based formula provides a realistic, glossy finish to the eyes on the Nymph-Head™ beads or can be used for many other fly tying applications such as adding color and detail to poppers, streamers and other fly patterns.see our range DecoColor Extra Fine Tip Paint Marker -  




                             Nymph-Head™ Beads can make an ordinary fly pattern extraordinary!













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